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When your daily life includes depression, anxiety, social isolation, disappointment, challenges from ADD/ADHD diagnosis, grief and loss or chronic stress, you need relief. Better quality of life is possible. Have you considered alternatives to your current approach?

Walk and Talk Therapy in nature could be the missing link in your recovery.

When you or a loved one has a bipolar diagnosis (or any other mood disorder), chemical or behavioral addiction, self-mutilation, suicidal thoughts, or compulsive behaviors, daily coping skills must be part of a well-balanced treatment plan.  You can move forward. Have you hit a wall in your current treatment plan?

Innovative therapy through EMDR or DBT principles could be the missing piece of the puzzle that empowers you to live a functional life.

Change pathways, change your life.
You may have been involved in therapy for quite some time.  You could have just begun to explore the possibility of counseling. I am committed to supporting you in finding the pathway to recovery and the life you desire.

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Change pathways, change your life.